NSA Rebuttal: Northeastern University College Republicans



Any issue dealing with privacy of personal data to many Americans seems more like a crime than political issue. This is the reason that public approval on both sides of the aisle of PRISM is so low. This issue is interesting because it appears that it has broken down some of the usual right-left barriers.

The only other issue that has even close to the bipartisan support had by changing PRISM is perhaps the national debt, although each side has different views on how to fix it.

The other side warns, “In that case, the real problem is the private companies that currently stockpile this data and sell it to private companies. If the government was taken out of the situation, metadata concerning the personal lives of most Americans would instead continue to be kept by private companies and sold for multiple uses, namely targeted advertising” Shakeir Gregory Northeastern University College Democrats. This is a good point however there are some issues. First off, the government will never be taken out of the situation because laws exist to protect identity and the courts provide an avenue to seek relief in these cases. Secondly, while I agree that under no circumstances is it ever permissible for any entity to have the private data of a person without their knowledge, private companies have a vested interest in keeping metadata that is willingly given over by consumers.

The government in this case however is taking information without the consent of the governed and without a warrant. Perhaps the one good thing that has come out in the wake of Mr. Snowden’s revelations is that the two parties appear to be agreeing and even better: talking.


John Trakas
Internal Vice President
Northeastern College Republicans



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