The Team

NUPR Staff as of May 2013:

Laura Mueller-Soppart

Harrison Ackerman
Laura’s interest in politics and writing began on the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign where she organized canvassing and phonebanking events across the Midwest. She then wrote speeches for MEP Monica Macovei at the European Parliament, and interned at the White House Domestic Policy Council in the Social Innovation and Health Care Reform offices. In DC she found her passion for maximizing the opportunities for social impact through economic and political policies. Intrigued by this model, she decided to co-op at the MacArthur Foundation and focus on strategy development and grant implementation. She now manages innovation projects for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is a teaching assistant at the Social Enterprise Institute in Boston, MA and Cape Town, South Africa. Laura has previously served as the Editor-in-Chief, International Section Editor and Managing Editor of the Review, and looks forward to an exciting semester. Harrison is a third-year student from Long Island. His interest in international political issues stem from sustainable development work and research in Latin America. He is passionate about innovative governmental strategies for poverty alleviation that foster opportunity. He volunteers at a small non-profit called FriendsNE where he organizes volunteer trips to Nicaragua and seeks project-funding opportunities. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, photography, and writing music. Harrison has previously served as the International Section Editor and is excited to continue working with writers this upcoming year.

Evan Bruning

Design and Layout Editor:
Dakota Snyder
Holding a strong interest in politics since an early age, Evan joined the Review last year looking to write passionately and critically about important topics in order to shed light on vital global, national, and local issues. Buzzwords aside, he spends most of his time reading, writing, watching Stewart/Colbert, skiing, and more reading. His personal heroes and role modes are Abraham Lincoln and Bruce Wayne. Evan has visited the cities of DC, New York, and Montreal more times then he can count, and is excited to be a part of the Review as treasurer and looks forward to an exciting year. Dakota’s interest in politics, publication work, and website design led her to go outside of her major of Behavioral Neuroscience and join NUPR as Design and Layout Editor. She grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and after many moves around the country, she ended up in Boston. Dakota is interested in the Politics of Science, Healthcare Innovation and the Legal issues in Politics. When now studying or working downtown Dakota is cooking, relaxing with friends and family, or enjoying Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Vice President of Public Relations: 
Kelly Grant
Social Media Manager: KJ Inoue

Kelly Grant is a Northeastern senior majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Political Science and Social Entrepreneurship. Originally from Los Angeles, Kelly just recently returned from 5 months studying abroad in Seville, Spain to start her second co-op here in Boston. Kelly is interested in human security issues, international development, and the potential of nonviolent   revolution. In her free time, Kelly loves to hang out with friends and family, eat good food, play the cello, write, and travel wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. KJ’s interests in politics and international affairs began after being involved with the “Free Iran” Twitter movement in 2009. From there, she became heavily absorbed in the Middle East and the issue of social justice, human rights and gender policies in the region. Her goal is to travel to the Middle East, Horn of Africa and India in order to study social matters and work with individuals/organizations that can influence legislatures to make change. An avid fan of shows such as South Park and The Colbert Report, KJ enjoys humorous takes on domestic and international news. KJ is fluent in English, Japanese and three dialects of Filipino and hopes to be fluent in Arabic in the near future.

Managing Editor:
Emma McGrath

International Editor:
Ethan Rauf
A lifelong news and political junkie, Emma began writing for NUPR in the fall of her freshman year. The daughter of a Filipino mother and an American father, she developed an early interest in global affairs that continues to shape her personal and professional aspirations. In addition to serving as Managing Editor for NUPR, Emma is a Staff Writer at The Huntington News, where she reports on a myriad of current events in the city of Boston and beyond. In her spare time, she can be found exploring new neighborhoods, reading, and spilling coffee on everything she owns. Emma previously served as NUPR’s Social Media Manager. NUPR is my third publication that I have written for and I am enjoying it immensely! I have had an interest in politics since I was younger. Specifically, my interests lie in emerging democracies in post-conflict countries and in both American and international education systems. In my free time, I like to write music, hang out with my dogs, and I have traveled to Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. I am looking forward to working with new and current writers who are interested in a diversity of international politics!

Domestic Editor: 
Eric Massak

Deputy Domestic Editor: 
Scott Boyle
Eric Massak is a senior political science major and your new domestic section editor. Like America he is braggadocious, innovative, and deeply indebted. As a firm believer in Tip O’Neill’s phrase that “All politics is local”, Eric is deeply interested in Massachusetts state politics – namely transportation issues. With that in mind, Eric interned at the Massachusetts State House, the UK Parliament, and InstaTrac. His hobbies include watching bad movies, writing rap lyrics, visiting Allston, and hanging with the Wolfpack.

Opinion and Reviews Editor:
 Federika Cariati

Deputy Opinion and Reviews Editor:
 Samatha Oderman
I’m a fourth year student at Northeastern and plan to major in Political Science with minors in International Affairs and Business. My family is from Italian and Iranian descent resulting in my love of culture and especially love of food. Some of my favorite activities include reading The Onion and playing devil’s advocate. I’ve been lucky enough to do some extensive traveling over the years and have visited much of Europe, Canada, Mexico and Australia. I’m very excited to be a part of the NUPR editorial board and look forward to engaging myself intellectually with fellow editorial and executive board members. Samantha is a first year Honors student with an International Affairs Major and Minors in French, Psychology, and Global Social Entrepreneurship. Having been born and raised in a third world country (Venezuela), she has always been interested in politics and the issues surrounding it. She grew up in an environment in which reading, talking, listening, and forming your own opinion have always been encouraged. She began her experience in journalism as Co-Founder and Co-Editor of the first newspaper in her high school. She defends and supports freedom of expression and loves to hear people express their opinions and support their ideas with strong arguments. Samantha enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family.

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