The Northeastern University Political Review

The Northeastern University Political Review seeks to be a nonpartisan platform for students to publish essays and articles of the highest possible caliber on contemporary domestic and international politics, as well as critical reviews of political books, film, and events. The Political Review aspires to foster a culture of intelligent political discourse among interested individuals while promoting awareness of political issues in the campus community. The organization envisions itself as a place where students with a common interest in politics and world affairs may come together to discuss and develop their views and refine their opinions. The Political Review hopes to reflect the diversity of thought and spirit at Northeastern, including the dual ethic of academic and experiential education our school embodies.

The print edition of the Political Review is published quarterly, while the web edition is updated on a more frequent basis. We hold meetings once a week while the University is in session. All students are welcome to attend and become involved.

To become a staff writer for the NU Political Review, you must attend our weekly meetings and publish twice a month to our online or print editions. To get involved or if you would like more information, send an email to  NUPoliticalReview@gmail.com. If you would like to submit a piece to the review, please visit the Submissions page for more information.